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Project:   ACTIONCAT - come at me.. by taymerica
ACTIONCAT ORIGIN page 1 by taymericaACTIONCAT ORIGIN page 2 by taymericaACTIONCAT ORIGIN page 3 by taymericaACTIONCAT ORIGIN page 4 by taymericaACTIONCAT ORIGIN page 5 by taymerica

Max ACTIONCAT by taymerica

Brucewaynecolorshort by taymericaA thorough exploration of how the boy became the bat...

Bruce Wayne by taymerica
 Issues :     
 #0: Bruce Wayne: The Premonition by taymerica  #1: Bruce Wayne: The Birth, Issue # 1 by taymerica  #2: Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy, Chapter I - Part 1 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy, Chapter I - Part 2 by taymerica  #3: Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy Chapter II - Part 1 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy Chapter II - Part 2 by taymerica  #4: Bruce Wayne: The Element of Disguise - Part 1 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Element of Disguise - Part 2 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Element of Disguise - Part 3 by taymerica  #5: Bruce Wayne: A Dark Reflection - Part 1 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: A Dark Reflection - Part 2 by taymerica  #6: Issue #6: The Break In by taymerica The Break In: Teaser by taymerica

The Story

Issue #0: The Premonition
A dream lost in time. Bruce awakes to find he has fallen down a well on the Manor's property. 
Issue # 0. Bruce Wayne: The Premonition by taymericaBruce Wayne: The Premonition by taymerica

                 Wayne family history by taymerica
The Wayne Family History
Darius Wayne by taymerica  Darius and his brother were the first of the Wayne name to step foot on the coastal region that would one day be Gotham City. They were both large and brave men, as most were in their bloodline. Most of all they were proud patriots, and were quite instrumental in the war of 1812. In fact, for Darius' valiant efforts he received the plot of land unto which Wayne Manor was eventually built. On this land he settled down and managed to father two sons before the Civil War erupted. Due to the conflict, Darius and his family escaped through underground caves beneath the manor. They managed to head North with their slaves and in doing so abandoned the place they called home. In their absence the area became known as Gotham Town, a bustling port on the Eastern coast.

Wayne family history by taymerica
In the North, one of Darius' sons managed to amass a large fortune which allowed him a lucrative life of ease. Despite his large wealth, his greatest success was his own son, Alan. Alan Wayne was a young man with cunning and ingenuity like no other. Alone, he returned to his family's abandoned Manor and with his father's money established Wayne Shipping and Chemicals. Some say Alan Wayne helped spawn the Industrial Revolution. These rumors may not have been completely true, but it certainly felt like it in the busy harbors of Gotham Town. With the addition of Wayne Manufacturing Alan had gained complete control over production and distribution in Gotham. Together, these three subsidiaries formed Wayne Industries; a conglomerate responsible for not only giving birth to a city, but a shining metropolis. Gotham Town became Gotham City, and soon that old name was all but forgotten.

Kenneth and Patrick Wayne by taymerica 
Wayne Industries was passed from Alan to his son Kenneth, and from Kenneth to his son Patrick and as the company grew so did the city. It expanded faster than anyone could have predicted. Unfortunately the city grew beyond its own reaches and as the population skyrocketed, slums began to form in the more derelict regions. Crime began to steadily rise and the wealthiest men in Gotham saw a storm on the horizon. They were few in number, but together, these rich men swayed politics in their favor. Foolishly believing Gotham was a city only for the wealthy.

A new plutocracy formed and legislation was now merely bribed into law. The middle class was quickly dismantled and the poorer end of the spectrum fell to a welfare system that was slowly being eroded away. Urban crime became rampant and the streets were unsafe. The young quickly flocked into gangs for protection, turning Gotham at times into a warzone. Wayne Industries attempted to donate and stifle the chaos, but the city wouldn't allow it, blaming them for the rapid expansion.

A new candidate running for mayor armed himself with an aggressive political campaign supporting alcohol prohibition and suppressing criminal delinquency. It also pushed for the removal of the supposed 'monopolization of Gotham' by Wayne Industries. Propaganda compared it to socialism, most simply agreed that it was against the nature of the free market. Everyone was desperate and needed something to believe in, and so that mayor won his campaign with a landslide victory. He was put into office and as a result a major portion of Wayne Industries' business was forced out of Gotham. It broke Patrick's heart. This was his family's city, they built it from the ground up and they would never do anything to harm it. Of course the company didn't see this as the end, it was much too large to fail. For Wayne Industries it was nothing but a new beginning as it became Wayne Enterprises and expanded successfully into the global market.

As Wayne Enterprise was reborn a new, Gotham faced nothing but the monotony of rich greed and failed hopes. Prohibitions and new legislation criminalizing the poor attempted to cull crime and poverty. Yet with every attempt to remedy the situation the politicians and lawmen only dug themselves a deeper grave, seeded with dirty money. The City became heavily divided in class, sending it in a downward spiral of chaos. Riots were rampant and the criminal underworld had gained a large financial foothold through rum running and large scale heists. Worst of all that same criminal underworld was the only sign of control and order in the city. Citizens flocked to them for safety, because the cops were no better. Corruption was rampant, and morality was a thing of the past. You couldn't turn down a corner without finding a murder or at the least a mugging. The city was overrun with a new breed of Gothamite, individuals with nothing but instinct, that would do what ever it takes to survive...

...but there was still hope, not everyone had given up on Gotham.

Mainly ensuring his Wayne Enterprises subsidiaries were running accordingly in Europe, Patrick Wayne had not returned to his family's city for many years.  Though he was pushed out of Gotham, truthfully he would have taken anything to escape that symbol of defeat. To him it stood only as a proof of his failure. His failure to continue the Wayne legacy, but more importantly, his failure to protect Gotham. With his greatest achievements behind him, the business world grew dull and he sought other ventures and investments. He was especially keen on getting lost for months at a time in South America. Amidst a 6 month exploratory excursion through Peru, in the dark jungles of the Amazon, Patrick received a letter. This letter made him long for a place he once feared. For a place, he once called home.

Not for just any reason, but a reason five generations in the making. It was the greatest gift he'd ever received. It was a chance to redeem himself and a legacy long given up on. It was a chance to save Gotham, but greatest of all these reasons, Patrick finally went home because that gift was a son.

Thomas Wayne by taymerica  Thomas Wayne was born in 1910, and his wife, Martha Kane in 1915. They married and on their wedding night, Thomas, though a trained Doctor and Surgeon, became CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He quickly became one of the most ambitious philanthropists in the Western Hemisphere. Thomas tried to make a difference in Gotham, but he was up against an enemy larger than himself. It was the worst of times in America, the largest depression to ever hit the country had turned people into animals, they were desperate.

Thomas initiated a project entitled The Wayne Foundation in an attempt to stifle corruption in Gotham and return it to its once noble heights. The Foundation's primary goals targeted funding charitable efforts; mainly social programs and the rebuilding of infrastructure. When Thomas took over his family's company, Gotham once again became the focus of Wayne Enterprises, but it wasn't enough.

The weeds had overgrown the flowers in the garden of Gotham.

A good heart was an oddity and the Waynes were thought of as a nearly extinct breed rich. Dinosaurs waiting to die out. Though rare, the Waynes were still by far the most lucrative, and yet, the city was too far gone. Thomas feared it was not possible, for one single man and a business, no matter how big, to rescue Gotham from its depths.

At least not through legitimate and legal ways, at least not without losing his soul in the process.

The city seemed to swallow people, how could it not?
There wasn't a single clean dollar to be found, the city's blood ran black, and yours simply did too if you let it. The criminal underworld had seeped deep into the roots of the Gotham, and a stain of corruption lead all the way to the top. As Thomas and Marth grew older, they began to accept that truth.

The last good family in a city lost to corruption. Time was running out. They could feel it.

Returning peace to Gotham was not achievable in their life time...

....and so, they sought to continue the Wayne Legacy in a single heir.

Martha and Thomas finally had their child in 1953.

Brucewaynebaby by taymerica   ...They named him Bruce, and this is his story.  

First Story Arc:         
         Journaltitle by taymerica

Issue #1: The Birth 
A new Prince of Gotham is born. The Wayne family has delivered their first baby boy into the world. His name, Bruce Wayne.
Issue # 1. Bruce Wayne: The Birth by taymerica
Bruce Wayne: The Birth, Issue # 1 by taymerica
Issue #2: The Child Prodigy - Chapter I -part 1 & part 2
At daycare Bruce Wayne has proven to be more than just any other child. He has surpassed his class and his teacher's expectations, granting him undesired special attention. 
Issue #2. Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy Chapter I by taymerica
Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy, Chapter I - Part 1 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy, Chapter I - Part 2 by taymerica
Issue #3: The Child Prodigy - Chapter II-part 1 & part 2
Bruce's teacher believes he is capable of more. With her recommendations Bruce's intellect may finally be challenged. 
Issue #2.Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy Chapter II by taymerica
Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy Chapter II - Part 1 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Child Prodigy Chapter II - Part 2 by taymerica
Issue #4: The Element of Disguise - part 1, part 2 and part 3  * updated
Alfred has an important lesson to teach on Hamlet, but Bruce can't seem to focus.
The Element of Disguise: Coming Soon by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Element of Disguise - Part 1 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Element of Disguise - Part 2 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: The Element of Disguise - Part 3 by taymerica
Issue #5: A Dark Reflection 
* updated
Bruce struggles to understand the point of tragedy in stories. 
Issue #5: A Dark Reflection by taymerica Bruce Wayne: A Dark Reflection - Part 1 by taymerica Bruce Wayne: A Dark Reflection - Part 2 by taymerica

Intruders at Wayne Manor! Being the richest family in America has its consequences after all.
Issue #6: The Break In by taymerica The Break In: Teaser by taymerica                 Falcone's Men by taymerica
Issue #8: A Legacy Scripted
It's Bruce's sixth birthday and his father has promised him a trip into Gotham and a tour of Wayne Tower. The headquarters of the global enterprise Bruce will one day run.
Issue #9: The Ball               Conceptualized

Issue #10:
Studying Abroad  Conceptualized
Issue #11:
A Return to Gotham Conceptualized
Issue #12: The Day -
The Night   Conceptualized
Issue #13:
Requiem   Conceptualized

Second Story Arc: A Sleight of Hands

The Butler:

Alfred by taymerica Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred was born in England in the year 1925. He joined the army at 16 and was soon off to fight in the Second World War.
He was a born marksman, but shooting his fellow human was not the reason he enlisted. He wanted to save lives, not take them.

He became a skilled field medic and for the next two years of his life, found
himself in various conflicts all over the world. He turned 18 and joined the British Guard, spending 3 years in their ranks. It wasn't long before he was honored with various medals for several courageous actions.

For these reasons
he was contacted by associates representing MI-5. They insisted that he have a more permanent career with her majesty's finest and he accepted. He was recruited by UK's secret security service, working mostly as an asset in the Middle East and Asia. After those two years of dedicated field work, Alfred couldn't handle it anymore. A
ll the killing he saw, he lost himself in his career and became numb. The death, and more importantly the inability to stop it. It was too much for him to bare.

Having already survived longer than most agents, he retired early to his true passion, the performing arts. The year was 1948 and Alfred was only 23, but he was living his dream. He performed all over the United Kingdom, in the most prestigious theaters and halls. Unfortunately he was quickly awoken from his dream with a single phone call.

He had not spoken to Thomas Wayne in several years, but Alfred could recognize that chiseled and warm tone anywhere. Only one year into his prolific acting career, and Alfred was informed of his father's passing and of the responsibility now awaiting him. Alfred Pennyworth knew of his family's tradition, he knew he once again had a duty to fulfill and once again a noble cause to serve.

So he packed his bags and said goodbye to the stage, to follow in his family's legacy. To take care of another generation of Waynes.

    Setting: Gotham City, Early Twentieth Century

                       Gotham city by taymerica

Due to the Wayne Family's industrious efforts, Gotham City, New Jersey was once a shinning metropolis, an epicenter of East Coast North American business. Thomas' forefathers took the coal that was Gotham and sculpted it into the diamond it deserved to be. Thanks to Wayne Industries alone, America is approximately ten to twenty years more advanced than it would be otherwise
in the nineteenth century.

Thomas and Martha Wayne have recently had their first child, in an effort to ensure the Wayne legacy does not end with them. With their newborn baby boy, the Waynes are now known as the Richest Family in America and are essentially held to a status of Royalty in Gotham.

Whats to Come...
            The LEGEND of The BATMAN by taymerica


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